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What our clients say about us

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Dear Dr. Arjun,

Thank you for being a huge part of my journey, educating me all the way, making me understand my ‘why’ and helping me reflect and reassess. 
Totally inspired by the work you do!


Apart from the 5 kg weight loss, your mentorship has brought a huge change in my perception towards eating , sleep pattern, problem solving skills dealing with stress and most importantly life as well ! The knowledge you have shared has been an eye opener for me and I hope u change many more lives as you did mine.

You are a life coach, to say the least. You have my professional respect and personal gratitude always ! 

PS : A tub of ice cream left in my freezer will not threaten me anymore ☺️


- Dr. Suganya Balasundaram

Dr Soumya Ranadheer Amin_edited.jpg

When I felt I was held up and difficult to be motivated to move, I could never give up because of Beyond Nutrition.

Eat 60g rice and 80g fruits, wait…. If you’re struggling with this kinda Foodthematics, Beyond Nutrition is for you! There’s no maths, only Intuition here. You’ll love it. 

Now I know what foods satisfies my hunger and I love that, I started appreciating my hunger cues, eating mindfully and sense that satisfaction in my tummy. Beyond Nutrition didn’t make me starve! 

The best investment I have ever made in my life is registering with Beyond Nutrition and working on improving my food habits and lifestyle. I strongly recommend Bwyomd Nutrition to anyone who is looking for a 1:1 programme.

Dr. Soumya Ranadheer Amin

Viji Natarajan_edited.jpg

I never thought my postpartum Weight loss journey will be this easy. A simple set of practices are what you all need to transform your lifestyle.

Now I know how to maintain it and how to be a mentor for my whole family too.

Thank you Beyond Nutrition.

- Viji Natarajan

Khalida Shaikh_After_edited.jpg

Hello Arjun, the best part of signing up with you as my personal coach  at "Beyond Nutrition" is that now my plate is more colorful and it has a variety of foods. 

I have lost 5kgs of weight in the past 3 months but most importantly I have picked a healthy lifestyle. 

Now I eat all my meals mindfully and without the gadget. My new mantra is "eat to satisfy".

I want to thank "Beyond Nutrition" for putting me on this journey of a healthy lifestyle.

- Khalida Shaikh

Goutham Raj_After_edited.png

I lost a lot of weight and gained tones of knowledge. I am very grateful for the journey with Beyond Nutrition. This journey motivated me to learn more about fitness and nutrition in detail.

Apart from weight loss, I am more confident and my mindset at its best now. 
I will keep working to be the best version of myself.

Thanks Beyond Nutrition.

- Gautham Raj

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